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The union of yoga & writing for an authentic life, truth-telling & compassionate leadership.

Yoga Clinic for All Levels of Flexibility

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Yoga Clinic is a comprehensive yoga practice that brings mindfulness to each and every asana while incorporating yogic principles of ahimsa (non-violence), satya (truth), santosa (contentment) & svadhyaya (self-inquiry).

Expect the unexpected. Different styles of yoga like Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Kundalini & Yin will be integrated into the practice. Options will be offered with respect to your level of comfort. We will open our hearts, ignite the intuitive power in our core and cultivate compassion.

Please note that these classes tend to be smaller, with a lot of individual attention and emphasis on creating a supportive environment and community.



This class is for you if:

  • You are a yoga skeptic
  • You believe that you are not flexible enough
  • You are recovering from an injury
  • You crave a deeper practice that goes beyond yoga asanas (postures)
  • You want to be part of a supportive community

What others are saying…

This is not your average yoga class, so forget what you know about those quiet and crowded yoga studios full of fit athletes. Instead, picture a very casual and welcoming environment where you will go at your own pace with lots of help, humour, and encouragement from Imola. We were all a little banged up and vulnerable with our shaky limbs and soft tummies, but for an hour each week, we (re)learned how to be strong and confident. Priceless.


Imola a se pouvoir de connecter les personnes à leurs èmotions en respectant leur propre rythme. Les èmotions bloquent souvent notre potentiel intérieur dans le but de trouver l’harmonie ou son soleil intérieur.




Imola is born to yoga. She is curious and compassionate about our unique aspirations. She takes time to explore how we feel before each class – physically, mentally and spiritually. Thoughtfully prepared for each class, Imola is also wonderfully spontaneous, encouraging us to share what we crave to achieve that day. Her dedication and love for yoga are eminent. Her sense of humor and smile, infectious. Imola is a gift I am grateful to receive in my life.


Private & Semi Private Sessions

Private Sessions for Individuals

A balanced 60 minute yoga practice with a short meditation tailored to your level of experience and preferred style.

At the comfort of your home: $90 per session.

Via Zoom: $60 per session.

Private Session for small groups (2-6 participants)

Practice with friends and/or family members! A balanced 60 minute yoga practice with a short meditation tailored to your group’s need on the given day.

$100 per session.

Via Zoom: $60 per session.

Please note that class cancellation within 24 hours will be charged in full.


What others are saying…

I was fortunate enough to start my yoga journey with Imola. With her extensive knowledge of yoga, Imola is extremely proficient at adapting the practice to my personal needs and fitness level. Yoga classes with Imola have improved my balance, core strength and general well-being. Nine years later I keep coming back for more.


Chaque séance de yoga avec Imola est un moment de pur bonheur. Imola personnalise et adapte chacun des cours selon mon état d’esprit du moment, offrant parfois un cours plus axé sur la relaxation et d’autres fois un cours plus exigeant qui me pousse à me dépasser. Mais dans tous les cas je me sens toujours énergisée et détendue à la fin! Une vraie magicienne!



The Yoga of Resilience

A series of specialized workshops centred around the chakra system to help you nurture a deeper connection to your authentic Self & find inner stability & peace

May 4 & June 8, 2024  1.30-4pm at Yoga Intégral Studio


Have you always longed for a yoga practice that goes beyond yoga asanas and takes a deeper dive into understanding, and finding harmony within our natural energy centres (chakras)?

The Yoga of Resilience: A Holistic Approach

    In this 2.5 hour simple and accessible workshop you can expect to:

    • Ground in your deepest truth through guided meditation.
    • Infuse your intentions with the power of mudras and mantras.
    • Anchor and strengthen your body through simple yoga postures.
    • Regain emotional balance and a positive outlook through Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep).
    • Explore your creativity through journaling and/or drawing.

      When you join this workshop, you will:

      • Discover not only what you want, but what you need.
      • Learn self-compassion and a positive attitude.
      • Connect to a supportive community.


        Workshop 1: Establishing healthy boundaries through Manipura (Navel chakra) – May 4, 2024

        The navel (core) chakra houses our sense of self,  and is the seat of our personal power. Located in the solar plexus region, it gives strength to transform our lives, enabling us to ‘turn over a new leaf.’

        In this workshop we will learn how to release anger and resentment and tap into our courage and self-confidence.

        Workshop 2: Finding emotional balance through Anahata (Heart chakra) – June 8, 2024

        The Heart chakra is the energetic centre of our body and a powerful link between the physical and the spiritual realms.

        Building on the previous workshop, we will explore how to express love and compassion, explore self-acceptance, and let go of stress and negativity.

        Please note that these workshops are suitable for all levels of flexibility: those new to yoga, as well as the experienced practitioner. While the instruction will be given in English, French is fluently spoken and more than welcome!

        When: May 4 & June 8, 2024  1.30pm – 4pm

        Where: 5425 Park Ave, Montreal, Quebec H2V 4G9

        Investment: $50 for 1 workshop and $85 for both workshops, paid by interact transfer to  Please kindly note that we cannot refund you for cancellations done less than 24 hours before the workshop, nor can we guarantee your spot without payment.

        Workshop is limited to 10 practitioners in order to keep the experience intimate and safe. Hope you can join us!

        Meet your instructors:

        Imola is a 320 hours Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga teacher with more than 17 years of experience in teaching yoga. She favours an approach that is therapeutic and compassionate, bringing mindfulness to each and every asana. Beyond yoga, Imola is a writer with her weekly newsletter The Art of Lite Living that aspires to spread some light, love and joy in our current divided world by highlighting our common humanity. She is passionate about literature, languages and those simple human connections.


        Lara’s deep roots in community work, coaching teams of people through crisis and difficult situations, has brought insight and compassion to her approach. Her experience has led her to integrate practices which deepen inner capacity for outer change. After practicing yoga for over two decades, Lara decided to obtain her teacher certification in 2022, which she combines with meditation and somatic work, as ways to embody activism and practice change in more sustainable ways. She is excited to embark on this new journey, as a means to support people in transition.


        What others are saying…

        THANK YOU for being such receptive guides, both of you. The space the two of you are creating is so precious to me. Each practice was so powerful and I’m deeply inspired. I can’t wait for the next one.


        Thank you again for a beautifully led practice. I loved going from effort to the gradual melting away of any activity, physical and mental, and then finally just Being. It was pure presence and joy. Looking forward to the next workshop!


        Can you make these workshops every second week please?


        The Yoga of Creative Writing

        A 5 week workshop to help you overcome common writing blocks & find the joy in writing

        Available to my Founding Members on SUBSTACK


        Most writing workshops focus on the craft of writing, but ignore the sabotaging mindset that stands in your way of establishing a writing practice that really sticks.

        The Yoga of Creative Writing: A New Approach to Writing

        • That is inspired by the compassionate yogic principles of ahimsa (non-violence)
        • Is aligned with your highest values and satya (truth)
        • Invites you on a journey of svadhyaya (self-inquiry) to unearth the sacred story/-ies you are meant to tell
        • Helps you cultivate santosha (contentment) all the while you write

        This is The Yoga of Creative Writing.

        In these five sessions that will incorporate gentle movement and meditation, as well as discussion and interactive writing exercises, we will address the following creative questions:

        Week 1. Overcome the Terror of the Blank Page.

        • Learn how yoga philosophy can help you establish a more compassionate mindset that treats the blank page as an opportunity.
        • Practice a grounding yoga sequence that will connect you to a state of Creative Flow
        • Establish a daily writing practice of 2-3 pages that takes less than half an hour
        • Recognize the difference between discipline and commitment.

        Week 2. Find Inspiration.

        • Shift from a Scarcity Mindset to one of Abundance.
        • Practice a short Kundalini yoga sequence and meditation that will connect you to your deepest Truth (Satya)
        • Learn how to consciously fill your well of inspirations
        • Explore how to write about difficult subjects

        Week 3. Recognize and utilize your Vikalpas (illusions)

        • Relax into Yoga Nidra (Yogic sleep) for a powerful sankalpa (resolve)
        • Master a practical exercise that reveals your sabotaging thoughts that stand in the way of your creativity
        • Learn how jealousy can be utilized as a creative force
        • Recognize what procrastination and perfectionism is really about


        Week 4: Abhyasa (sustained effort): Establish a writing routine that really sticks

        • Optimize the brain’s will power, won’t power and want power
        • Avoid falling prey to the ‘What-the-hell-effect’ that kills all motivation
        • Master the simplicity of the ‘Creation Equation’
        • Increase Shakti (energy / desire) with a simple yoga and meditation practice

        Week 5: Santosha (contentment): Connect to a goal bigger than yourself

        • Shift from Competition mindset to one of Service
        • Cultivate ‘Optimistic pessimism’ instead of ‘Toxic Positivity’
        • Connect to a sense of joy through a gentle yoga flow and meditation
        • Recognize beauty in darkness by focusing on a goal bigger than yourself

        Here is what you will receive in this program:

        • A 5 week live online program with a recording that you can watch at your convenience
        • Members only community where you can ask questions and share challenges/ inspirations
        • Lecture notes in PDF.
        • Worksheet with practical exercises

        Please note that this workshop is suitable for all levels of yoga practitioners, as well as writers at any stage of their writing path.


        Although the workshop will be conducted in English, my hope is to create a multi-cultural & multilingual community. You are welcome  – and even encouraged! – to express yourself in your preferred language!

        This workshop is for you if:

        • You are a writer at any stage of your career.
        • You are a yoga practitioner who is interested in deepening their practice.
        • You have a story to tell, but don’t know where to start.
        • You want to get in touch with your creativity.

        What others are saying…

        Imola’s course on The Yoga of Creative Writing is a wonderful refuge for anyone who loves yoga and meditation, and is looking to reconnect with themselves and their creative life. She brings incredible humility as a teacher, while also arriving to each class with a wealth of knowledge. She successfully creates a safe and brave space for participants, quickly helping to establish a sense of community within the first class. A total gem of a teacher, and an amazing course.


        Consulant / Yoga Teacher

        Yoga for Creative Writing helped me reconnect to my inner voice, my own story, a deeper sense of authenticity, and embodied presence. I highly recommend this class to anyone looking to deepen their relationship with their inner creative forces – the combination of yoga and writing with the holding power of Imola’s passionate, wise, inspired presence is a real gift. So happy to have had the opportunity to take this course. Thank you!


        Clinical Social Worker / Yoga Teacher

        The Yoga of Fulfillment

        A specialized workshop to unearth your guiding purpose (Dharma)


        To be scheduled


        A specialized yoga workshop that digs deep. It explores the inspiring philosophy that helps you access your innate intelligence and empower your authentic Self, all the while keeping things practical, simple and accessible.

        In this 3 hour workshop you can expect to:

        • Open your heart and revitalize your body through simple yoga postures.
        • Regain emotional balance, contentment and a positive outlook through guided meditation.
        • Release stress and restricting beliefs through Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep).

        When you join this workshop, you will:

        • Discover not only what you want, but what you need.
        • Sustain your effort, while being content in the moment.
        • Learn to overcome setbacks with compassion and positive attitude.

        This workshop is suitable for those new to yoga, as well as the experienced practitioner.


        Price: Early Bird Special: $60 before April 15, 2023

        Regular rate: $80 paid in full before session begins.

        All payments to be made by INTERAC e-Transfer to:

        Sign up with a friend and get $20 off for both of you!


        This workshop is for you if:

        • You are curious about yoga philosophy.
        • You have often wondered what is your guiding purpose (dharma).
        • Your life feels like a routine of survival.
        • You don’t know where to begin to address the issues that are causing you to feel disconnected.
        • You are uncomfortable with change.

        Let’s get connected

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