A place where we can tend and care for each other.

About Our Community

Our need for belonging and comfort is paramount to our health, well-being and success.

We are all familiar with our primal “fight-or-flight” response to danger and stress, but perhaps less familiar with the “tend-and-befriend” response that is about protection and care. This response, studies have shown, increases courage and hopefulness and creates resilience!

This is precisely what I would like to offer here:

A safe space where we can tend and care for each other; a place where we can heal and grow together to be our most authentic, resilient selves.

We will do this through sharing our stories and explore our common humanity. Please note that these meetings are not therapy sessions, but an opportunity to connect at a deeper level with like minded people.

Ongoing Community Meetings

The Artist’s Hub

Coming soon!

Artists supporting artists! Let’s discuss & brainstorm alternative ideas, paths to living the creative life.

From Separation to Wholeness

To be scheduled

Whether you are grappling with separation, divorce, or breaking free from an abusive relationship, this is a safe place for you to explore the light, the dark and all the complexities in between.

Embrace the Wild

To be announced

Sharing stories of the Wild Woman Archetype. Meetings inspired by Clarissa Pinkola Estés’ Women Who Run With the Wolves

Walk & Talk

Friday mornings 8.25am

Meeting point: corner of Fairmount/ de L’Épée. Connect with nature and get a new perspective as we will walk up Mount Royal and talk about whatever rises.

Divina Dante

To be announced

Casual discussions on Dante’s Divina Commedia (in English or in italiano) and other inspiring works of literature that help you get through the day.

Cinema Classica

Monthly – by invitation

Bergman, Fellini, Antonioni, Bertolucci, Moretti, Godard, Ozon, Almodovar, Loach… screening followed by a discussion on the best of classic cinema.

Let’s get connected

In English, en français, in italiano, en español, בעברית és magyarul is.