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Tina has been a lot on my mind this week. The Queen of Rock ‘n Roll died at 83 at her home in Küsnacht, Switzerland. Tina has certainly packed a life, and her death was peaceful, and yet, her loss felt like a punch in the gut, disproportionately upsetting. I was eight years old when Tina, along with Madonna and Cyndi Lauper, has become my heroine. I had never heard of ‘Tina and Ike,’ didn’t see her bursting onto the scene as ‘one of the greatest comebacks,’ I didn’t know how old she was, or, that she was ‘older’; to me, she was simply magnificent. The way she could belt out a tune, the power in her voice, the sweat covering her face, her absolute command of the stage – bewitched me every time, all over again. This woman was a powerhouse, invincible, and she could never die because she was a goddess.

I have thought much about Tina and her inspiring life, and before I knew it, I was writing a list of all the things that she has taught me.

  1. An ‘unwanted child’ with a fierce will to live finds a way to be reborn.
  2. Be your own cheerleader when there is no one else to cheer you on.
  3. Your hard work and determination will take you far; far beyond your wildest imagination. God gave you a powerful voice and two strong feet (and some incredible legs).
  4. Your light will attract light, but also darkness. An intelligent woman can still be a fool in love.
  5. A promise is a promise, but promises can outdate themselves.
  6. Sometimes the only way forward is out – out through the door, and into the unknown.
  7. Keep reaching for better. Always.
  8. Food stamps are temporary. The only thing that is guaranteed is change. Nam-myoho-renge-kyo.
  9. Your forties are only the beginning.
  10. You don’t need another hero. Real heroes don’t carry an armour, or a weapon, and they don’t need to dim your light so they can shine. You can be your own hero, and save yourself.
  11. Before you learn to recognize love, you need to become love. The woman staring back at you from the mirror, stripped of her make up and without the big hair, is you. Beautiful, and worthy of love, even if you are the only person to see it.
  12. Motherhood: You will always feel inadequate.
  13. You don’t need pity. What you want is respect.
  14. They will want to reduce you to a single story (a survivor of domestic abuse, voice, legs), but you know it is not the whole picture. Your story is what you choose to tell yourself.
  15. Life will continue to bring you countless joys, and the worst losses – just when you thought that you have secured your ‘happy ending.’
  16. What you leave behind matters.

Rest in peace Tina, Anna Mae, warrior woman. May your journey onwards be smoother, as your journey on earth will continue to inspire others to be bolder and brave.



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