Lite Living

Downsizing, decluttering, reorganizing, simplifying, beautifying – with a little bit of magic and a lot of creativity

Magic on a Budget

“Man is rich in proportion to the number of things he can do without”

said naturalist Henry Thoreau, although it reads like something from the Yoga Sutras.

Simple living, rooted in authenticity, natural surroundings and meaningful connections embodies the yogic principles of Satya (truth), Brahmacharya (non-indulgence), Aparighraha (non-attachment), Shaucha (cleanliness and clearness) & Santosha (contentment).

Simple living, or Lite Living, doesn’t mean an impoverished life of a monk with no desires, ambitions and material possessions, but a meaningful life that is in line with your values and the stuff that brings you lasting joy.

Lite Living is light on the clutter and baggage that obstructs you from spreading your wings – far and wide.

Transform your space & transform your life!

Sounds simple, but you are doubtful it is possible? You are not alone! I feel you!

My Story

I didn’t know I had it in me to paint walls, ceilings and bathtubs until my personal circumstances trained me to do magic with little resources, but a lot of creativity and determination. Turns out, these are powerful tools!



I have learned that renovations are rarely about material stuff, but often about deeper issues, and the rebuilding of a life doesn’t happen over night.

The good news is that outer transformations have the potential to bring about powerful inner transformations like revived energy, hope & confidence!

My Magic Ingredients

CREATIVITY  – Think outside the box & look for creative solutions

BEAUTY – Create beauty when things appear bleak

CARE – If anything is worth doing, do it with all your heart


Cathy’s story

I had just moved into a vacated apartment where the previous tenant had left it in shambles, smelling of nicotine and stained with tar on the ceilings, walls and floors. There were holes in the walls, broken doorknobs and sinks, ceramic tiles caving in the bathroom. Paint was peeling in sheets off the bedroom walls where I hoped to bring my teenage children to share my new life with me. It was the dead of Winter and we were all suffering from Covid isolation and massive business shut downs. I didn’t have a clue how to begin to navigate this rebuilding of my life isolated and alone. I needed my kids but wouldn’t bring them to this unsafe place. Then I remembered Imola.

She has a renovation business that allowed her to enter my place as an essential worker. She jumped at my plea for help and immediately began planning, organizing, and executing what eventually became a two month awakening and journey towards my newly established self. Imola was my rock, my confident and Light throughout this very weighted experience. She encouraged me to keep moving forward towards my goal of improving my home, my family and my self. When we finally finished the last paint coat and cleaned up, she walked out my front door with her tools and ladder, leaving behind a much lighter, stronger, braver and overall hopeful version of myself. Thank you Imola, my beautiful empowering and capable friend. Your talented skills of renewing damaged objects and places go beyond physical boundaries… healing gifts, helping to regenerate life. I will forever be grateful for sharing your gifts with me.

Examples of Magic

Some of my previous projects

Before the magic

Walls and ceiling stained with tar and smelling of nicotine

After the magic

A clean space ready to be furnished

Before the magic

After the magic

A bedroom ready to be furnished

Before the magic

Antique chairs from Germany that were taken outside to the balcony by careless renters.

After the magic

But after 10 hours of dedicated work (sanding, staining and 3 coats of varnish) they are restored to their previous glory!

Let the Magic begin!

Ready for a freer, lighter & more expansive version of your sacred space?

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