Yogini Imola

Yoga, Writing & Creativity in every day life. Holding space for a community that fosters authenticity, growth & connection.

About Me

Writer, Yoga Teacher & Community builder. A lover of stories & languages. A seeker of truth, my mission is to challenge the status quo & encourage respectful, meaningful conversations & break the silence about taboo subjects.

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Yoga classes that are suitable for all levels of flexibility & specialized workshops that combine yoga & writing for self-inquiry & creative purposes.

Is this You?

  • You would like to do yoga if only you were more flexible.
  • You have a story to tell but don’t know where to start.
  • You are a regular yoga practitioner who is looking for a deeper practice.
  • You would like to connect to a larger community.
  • You are passionate about languages & literature.

To Perform every action artfully is Yoga.

Swami Kripalvananda (1913-1981)

Renowed Master of Kundalini Yoga

Classes for All Levels of Flexibility & Creativity

Yoga Clinic

A comprehensive yoga practice that honours your body, mind & soul. This is being yoga, not just doing yoga.

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Private Sessions

A balanced yoga practice tailored to your level of experience & preferred style.


Specialized Workshops

Where yoga & writing merge. What is your story? What is your dharma?

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Let’s get connected

In English, en français, in italiano, en español, בעברית és magyarul is.

What others are saying…

Imola’s classes go deep! After 14 years, she is still my favourite teacher. Her classes are absolutely wonderful and beneficial in somewhat unexpected ways.


Cégep language teacher

Ce n’est pas juste du yoga, c’est toute une expérience. Amazing yoga teacher!



Imola’s yoga classes are a sanctuary and a balm for the soul.